why grand solar?

  • The power of premium panels

    Don't settle for cheap and nasty solar panel's. We supply only the best panel's, making sure the manufacturer has acquired a Tier 1 rating.

    All Tier 1 manufacturer's must:

    • Manufacture panel's from the ground up
      This includes the silicon cells, all the way up to the modules.
    • Invest heavily in research and development
    • Use highly automated manufacturing techniques
    • Have been producing solar panel's for a minimum of 5 years

    This gives you peace of mind that the 25 year performance warranty will be warranted in any emergency case.

    All our panels also come with an Advanced 25 Year performance warranty as illustrated below:

    • Advanced Performance Warranty
    • Standard Performance Warranty
  • Qualityinstallations
    You can sleep easy at night, knowing you've got well known brands and quality products installed at your home.

    From the switching devices in your switchboard, to the mounting equipment on your roof. We use only top quality products to protect you and your home from potential problems.
  • Tailoredsolutions
    We can customize your solar power system to just about any way you like. From the size of the system, to the brands of the solar panel's and inverter's, to battery backup and even energy monitor's.

    We've got a solar power system to meet your needs!